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      PC-1000 serire  
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     Company Introduction
  Thai magnet labo established to manufacuture and sale for a magnet related unit on japanese
unique company. sales area is wider in south east asia area. the head office is establised a 1979
in tokyo and also manufacture and sale for magnet related unit. chian factory is control by
Japanese head office from first  Now china factory can get the evaluation for high quality and
good servise.  shenzhen magnet labo is established at january of 2003. now china factory is
contacting japanese customer and foreign capital company
  Thai magent labo is established at january
of 2008. This Factory is supprted by china
factory's technology. main product are
magentizer, demagnetizer, various yoke,
coil, magenetic field treatment power supply.
the other work is repair and modify for other
company's product. the china factory is
export channel for south-east asia especially
trade for vietnam is very high. calibration of
the measuring unit, can issue the  tracability
of JEMIC (Nihon denki keiki kenteisho)
real work can operate the local techinical
staff (can speak japanese) He can cominucate
to customer closely.
PC-10000 serire
PC-10000 serire usage :speaker for small caliber and large
caliber can be magnetizing for inside deeply
characteristic : the magnetizing after assemble can possible
input current is a few. waste current of magenetizing is afew.
the long life for use oil condenser
PC-1500 serire
PC-1500 serire usage :magnetize for small sized neogium magnet
stepping motor various sensors can be magnetizing for
inside deeply
characteristic : output current is 20KA or more the heat up of
yoke is down by tail cut the current is increase by low impedance
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